2021 Golf Signup

We are ready to start golf! Note that we do not provide unified partners and each golfer brings their own equipment.

This summer we are playing at the Hidden Valley Golf course:

Hidden Valley Golf
580 William St
Delaware, OH 43035
link to Google Map)

Please fill out the sign up form. You will also need a current medical/release form and a COVID form, both available on our forms page.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

New COVID waiver, need track coaches


We have a new form that SOOH is requiring for all athletes, coaches and volunteers. This MUST be on file with me BEFORE first practice. Please email them back to me:

COVID waiver form

The other COVID waiver forms cannot be accepted. If you are participating in spring sports I will need this ASAP. Please do not bring any forms to practice. Coaches can no longer approve medical, COVID, unified or volunteer forms.

Thank-you for your cooperation.

We also still need some help coaching track and field. Please let me know if you can help coach. Our IT guy is the "team dad" for track and field and helps with all the paperwork and logistics so it's like coaching with Radar as your clerk.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Tennis Signup


It's time to sign up for tennis! Practice will be at noon on Saturdays starting on April 23rd. Please sign up online with the tennis signup form.

Note that bocce, track & field, and tennis usually compete on the same day at a meet so it is not possible to compete in more than one at a time.

Make sure you have your medical and release form current. You can get a copy from our website if you need to update your form.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Bocce and Track & Field Signups


It's time to sign up for bocce and track & field! Practice for both will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm starting April 13th. We will be dividing the team into smaller groups to follow the SOOH return to play guidlines.

Signups for tennis and golf will be coming later. Note that bocce, track & field, and tennis usually compete on the same day at a meet so it is not possible to compete in more than one at a time.

Please sign up online with these forms:

Make sure you have your medical and release form current. You can get a copy from our website if you need to update your form.

Sign ups will be open for two weeks, until March 19th.

Go Racers!

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Newsletter issue 2


We just published the second issue of our newsletter.



I received this from SOOH:

SOOH in person activities suspended until February 8th

I will keep you updated as I get more information. Happy New Year! Hope to see you soon!!!

I also saw the sad news that Michael Cusack, who helped spark the Special Olympics, died at 64 Mr. Cusack was there at the first Special Olympics Summer games and was a life long athlete.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Art auction


Happy Holidays to all our friends, families and athletes!

As you may remember SOOH sponsored an Art Auction of original works of art from athletes around the state. Kara Huggins' piece was chosen from our area. Way to go Kara!

We had two other athletes submit their artwork. They are also excellent! We'll auction these to benefit SODCOH. Click on these links to view the art:

You may submit your bid to me by email,

Special Olympics Ohio suspending in person activities until January 4th


Dear athletes, family, and friends,

Special Olympics Ohio has just suspended all in person activities until January 4th. They will be re-evaluating things at that time hoping that we may be able to move forward. For now, only the virtual activities will continue. I will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience!

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

2021 Calendars Available


We are running a small fundraiser for the holidays. We put together a Special Olympics calendar for donors and sponsors and we are also offering it to athletes family and friends. Use this Google Form to order. Each calendar will be $18.

All orders must be prepaid before we place our order to company that makes them. The easiest way to pay us is to make a "donation" for $18 per calendar using our donation link. This donation link uses PayPal but you do not have to have a PayPal account to use it. If you do not have the ability to use the PayPal donation link, please contact me.

Our first deadline is November 22nd if you want your calendars before Christmas. Pick up for that would be December 19th. For orders that you do not need before Christmas the deadline will be December 30th and pick up would be 2 to 3 weeks after that date. The company we're ordering from is giving us a deal on these calendars. Get them while you can because we may not be able to do this next year!

Kroger Community Rewards Update


Kroger sent us a report on our Community Rewards participation in the third quarter of 2020. We only have 24 households who have linked their Kroger Rewards to our organization so Kroger will donate a portion of their purchases to us. This is up from 20 households in the previous quarter. We have many times that many athletes. It would be great to get more households to link to us.

Please visit the Kroger Community Rewards page, login, and choose us as your organization. We are listed as SPECIAL OLYMPICS DELAWARE CO., organization number SA652. If you search for SA652, you will find us right away.

Please pass the word to friends and extended family! Thank you for your support!

Status Update


I hope this finds you and your families well. There is a lot happening "behind the scenes" with SODCOH and SOOH. Unfortunately it isn't all good news. Please understand that we are committed to keeping our athletes well.

We had the okay to provide bowling, cheer, basketball and aquatics on a practice only basis in SOOH phase two guidelines. Just this week Delaware county moved into the red zone on the Governor's map. SOOH requires that we move back into phase one guidelines because of this. As a result, we are not able to offer these sports at this time. Should things change, I will let you know immediately. Willis gym and others in the area are not available to us. School systems are only allowing their students to utilize their facilities. If you know of the availability of a gym, please let me know!

We are currently completing the accreditation process for the next two years. It required that we list our committee members. We need to fill the following positions: Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising, Family Involvement and Outreach. Please volunteer. I am committed to improving our SODCOH team and their experience. I hope you are too! The time requirement is minimal. We need your help to move forward.

Medicals - Many of you had medicals expire this year. Now is the time to renew them. SOOH has given us an extended time to get these completed. That time will soon run out. If you need to know when yours expires, please contact me.

Volunteer A forms - If yours expired this past year please renew it.

Coaches - This is the perfect time to complete your certification. The info can be found on the SOOH website. I doubt anyone will be permitted to coach without completion when we are able to fully start up.

I would like to invite you to our next virtual committee meeting. It will be Monday October 12th at 7:00. Our athletes need more of us involved! You can attend from your home and see what we do "behind the scenes" Jim can set you up for the meeting, send him a note at

Thank you for everything you do for our athletes. Please consider volunteering. We need your help.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

2020 Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes


We just announced the walk, see the Walk page for details.

2020 Golf Signups


We are ready to start golf! Golf practice will be on Thursdays from July 16th to August 27th at 5:45 PM. We do not provide unified partners and each golfer brings their own equipment.

This summer we are playing at the Hidden Valley Golf course :

Hidden Valley Golf, 580 William St, Delaware, OH 43035 (link to Google Map)

Please fill out the sign up form. You will also need a current medical/release form and you will need to fill out a Return to Play COVID-19 Waiver, both available on our forms page.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Return to Play


Special Olympics Ohio is ready to start returning to play. We hope to have golf, cheer and soccer seasons this fall. SOOH has moved bowling to the spring. Please read this letter from Special Olympics Ohio for the plans from the state. The state also has a brochure that explains what it will be like as we get started again.

Practices will be limited in size. In July, parents and providers must wait in the car. They are not permitted to attend practice. Athletes in high risk groups should consider not participating. Masks must be worn by athletes, coaches and volunteers. We will supply hand sanitizer and screen each athlete, coach and volunteer before they can enter practice. Athletes will need to have a Special Olympics Ohio COVID-19 Waiver filled out and returned to us. There will be an extension for the medicals that have/will expire. I am not sure exactly how that will work but will advise you as soon as I have more information. We are processing this one month at a time. I will contact you again for August.

We'll announce signups for the sports we can start soon. If you have any other questions, please send an email or give me a call. Your waiver form may be emailed to me prior to practice. This will be a requirement for all sports.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

Some things you can do while SODC is shutdown


I realize that things have been hard during this stay at home order. I miss you as much as you miss your favorite sports. I have three opportunities for you. All have been authorized by Special Olympic Ohio.

First, there will be an exercise program starting May 4th called the SOOH Fitness Influence Challenge. I can't tell you any more until April 27th.

Second, SOOH is offering "Motivational Monday", "Wellness Wednesday" and "Fitness Friday" on their social media platforms. Visit their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Finally, I am able to offer baseball for summer. As many of you know I have been coaching and managing baseball for 25 years. Currently, I manage an adult baseball league through Miracle League. I am attaching the registration materials. Our league's website is currently unavailable, so materials will need to be returned to me at 650 Crofton Loop, Delaware, OH, 43015. The teams are co-ed. and games are played at 7:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on a rotating schedule in Dublin.

The form for Miracle League: Miracle League 2020 Registration

See all of you soon! Stay safe and well.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

SOOH coronavirus statement - Summer Games cancellation


This is the latest note from State Special Olympics. All activities have been cancelled until July. This is unfortunate, but I believe necessary due to current circumstances. Stay well and exercise as you can. We will be up and running again before you know it. Please reach out if there is anything you need.

SOOH coronavirus statement- Summer Games cancellation.pdf

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

DCBDD Needs Your Help


Please read this letter from DCBDD. They need people to:

  • Pick up medication

  • Pick up or take people to the grocery

  • Provide company to someone who cannot be left alone

  • Provide hands on care

  • Donate food and supplies to local food banks

  • Provide childcare

If you’re interested in lending a helping hand to a neighbor in need, please contact

Special Olympics Ohio suspending activities for March


Dear SODC Family,

I just received this message from the state organization:

Effective immediately and with an abundance of caution and overall concern for the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, families, and volunteers we are suspending all sport training and competition activities and other activations involving our athletes (such as Athlete Leadership, Inclusive Health, and social activities) through 31 March 2020, at which time the situation will be reevaluated.

This decision was made based on advice received from Special Olympics, Inc. after consultation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World health Organization.

Here is the memo they sent us:

SOOH guidance on COVID-19 - March 10, 2020

Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator

SO Ohio COVID-19 Advisory Memo


Athletes, Family and Friends,

I know that several of you have had questions about how Special Olympics is going to deal with the Coronavirus. Attached is the letter that I received from the state organization just today. Please read it and contact me with any questions or concerns.

Special Olympics Ohio COVID-19 Advisory Memo

We will have hand sanitizer at all events and practices.

-- Connie Warner, Local Coordinator