Important warning for iPhone and Mac users!

Apple does something wrong when displaying times before daylight savings starts for events after daylight savings starts in this embedded calendar view.

For example: In 2024, DST starts on Sunday, March 10th. Before Sunday, March 10th, an iPhone will show the time for bowling on Tuesday, March 12th as 5:30 PM. It is actually 6:30 PM. On Monday, after DST starts, the same iPhone will show the correct time of 6:30 PM. Macs will also show the wrong time in Safari and Firefox, but Chrome on MacOS is correct.

If you are an Apple user, you may see the correct times if you open the page in Google Calendar. We'll add the start times in the event itself, too.

You can use the "+ Google Calendar" button to add this to your own calendar.  The shareable link for this calendar is: