Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes

We did the first walk in 2020, it's time to make this an annual tradition starting August, 2021! See the page for details Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes Fundraiser .

Donate Now

You can donate now, using this PayPal Donation Link.

Kroger Community Rewards

We are registered with Kroger as a Community Rewards organization. Please visit the Kroger Community Rewards page and choose us as your organization. We are listed as SPECIAL OLYMPICS DELAWARE CO., organization number SA652. If you search for SA652, you will find us right away.

Employee Matching Programs

Some companies offer matching donations with their employees that can be directed to SODCOH. Please check with your employer about this and other possibilities for support of our athletes. If you need something from us to register us with your employer's program, please let us know.

Racers Sponsorship Program

We have several sponsorship opportunities including recognition of your donation at our events, on our web site, and social media.

sponsorship page 10-2020.pdf