Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes

Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes: August and September 2021

I am so happy that it is summer and we are looking forward to a "regular" season. Along with that comes those "regular" expenses. We now have equipment and uniform expenses. For Fall Games, we have hotel and participation expenses. Winter Games include hotel and participation expenses. And, Summer Games requires participation expenses. All practices expenses are our responsibility as well. Special Olympics does not provide any financial assistance for local programs. We are dependent on donations. I dislike fundraising as much as anyone, but it is an absolute necessity. I hope all of you will participate.

This walk is purposely set up for pledges by the minute. Pledging by the distance might be too difficult for some of our athlete's participation.

Walk with a friend! Walk with a group! Walk with your family! Walk the dog! Walk in your neighborhood! Walk in the park! Walk at the grocery! Walk anywhere safe!

But, PLEASE walk for our athletes!

There is a $25 dollar registration fee, waived for athletes and family. You can pay using this PayPal Donation Link, just note that it is for the walk.

Please contact me at Connie.Warner@sodcoh.org with questions.



Annual Walk Fundraiser 2021 Brochure.pdf

Pledge Form

WALK 2021 Pledge Form.pdf

Walking Form

WALK 2021 Walking Form.pdf