Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes

Walk to Support SODCOH Athletes Sept. 1st - 30th 2020

I hope this finds you well and having some fun during this crazy time. Adjusting to the new normal is challenging for us all. It certainly is different heading into my third year with you. Things seem to be running smoothly with the exception of volunteers and fundraising. I am concerned about both. This is not the first time I have expressed my concern. However, I have had very little response. If you have made donations, coach, volunteer in any way I am very grateful. Please know I appreciate all you do.

As we all know our organization relies entirely on volunteers. We need them for coaching, assistant coaches, advisory committee members as well as fundraising assistance. I have openings in all areas as well as others. The commitment is minimal. The reward is huge.

We also know that each local organization does not receive funds from State Special Olympics. All sports are offered free to our athletes and we must raise our own funds. We are fortunate that we have had donations to cover expenses so far. We are now at the point that I need to ask for you to step up and make a difference. I was hoping to expand our organization this year. Obviously, it will need to wait until our 2021 season. Still, we simply do not have the funds to do so. In fact, without your help some of our sports may need to be cancelled because of their expense.

I have had a conversation with Jessica Stewart of Special Olympics Ohio regarding both issues. It is possible that without volunteers and assistance with fundraising we may have to require that each athlete/family volunteer in order to attend competitions that we pay for. The local competitions, Fall, Summer and Winter State Games all have fees that we must pay for each athlete. This would be a last resort, but we are very close to it. I would prefer not to but we may not have a choice in order to stay afloat.

Fundraising during this pandemic is complicated to say the least. I am volunteering on a SOOH committee to develop strategies for fundraising in local organizations. I am sending post cards to past donors that run small businesses to remind them we continue to need their help. I am also sending letters to larger companies within the county asking for sponsorship. If you have any business that we should ask, please send me the information.

These efforts may or may not be successful and are unpredictable as to the timing of any donation. I am asking your participation in a fundraiser that we can launch immediately, repeat yearly, provides predictable donations and has the potential for growth every year. Attached you will find a flyer for The Walk to Support SODCOH. Athletes, families and others may participate. It is relatively easy and provides exercise for our athletes. Mostly it will support our athletes and provide them with more opportunities. My goal is that everyone participates. Thank-you for your support. I appreciate any way you can help.

Please register for this fundraiser using this web form: register for the walk

Here's a brochure for this fundraiser, forms for recording walking and pledging, and the web page for this Fundraiser:

Please me at Connie.Warner@sodcoh.org with questions.




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