All forms must be submitted to the organization before the first practice. You cannot deliver a form to the coach at the first practice. Completed forms should be scanned as PDFs and emailed to our Local Coordinator, Connie Warner.  If you can't scan a form, contact Connie.

You are not registered until the Connie, the Local Coordinator, has received and reviewed the Medical / Release Packet AND you have signed up for a sport.

SOOH Athlete Medical and Release Form 2023.pdf

Athlete Medical / Release Packet

This a medical release form, much like a school physical form, a release to participate, and a publicity release. The medical part must be completed by a doctor and the form must be updated every three years.

We will only accept fully completed medical packets with all pages. We will no longer accept single pages or photos sent as email or text messages. We need a complete PDF. Google Drive can "scan" with your camera on your phone and there are other apps for iOS and Android. Let us know if you need help scanning.

Registration is not complete until the local coordinator reviews the medical packet and advises the coaches. Coaches may no longer accept medical packets and or physicals. Please email PDFs to


OPTIONAL Sports Physical Voucher

This is an OPTIONAL form.

You do not have to have a physical at Minute Clinic, your normal doctor can fill out the medical form above.

If you would like to take advantage of Special Olympics' special deal with the Minute Clinic for a physical, fill out this form and take it to your appointment to get the discount along with the medical form  above.

Delaware County does not need a copy of this form.

Volunteers and Unified Partners

The volunteer and unified partner process has changed. Contact our Connie Warner, our local coordinator. She will have to email you some electronic forms.

YMCA Membership - New and Renewal

All Special Olympics Ohio  athletes are eligible to obtain a renewable year-long membership at their local YMCA branch at no charge. Athletes who received a membership in 2023 should renew their membership for 2024 by using the same form below.


The first step is for the athlete to complete the YMCA Membership Request Form.

The athlete and our local coordinator, Connie,  will receive an email confirmation. 

Connie will complete the next step in the process.